A 10 year+ partnership with HLM

HLM is one of Holistic’s longest standing clients. 

Our relationship spans over 11 years, during which we have delivered PR, business and communications strategy to support the group’s ambitious business plans.

HLM, a leading social architecture practice operating across the UK and overseas, came to Holistic to help it devise a PR and marketing strategy to support its ambitious business plan. We worked with the board of directors to create a strategy for promoting the business in its target markets, raising profile and delivering growth.

The approved strategy was translated into a PR and marketing campaign, which Holistic was appointed to deliver.

Resulting successes included an initial 30% growth in education sector work and a strong reputation for social architecture. Since then we’ve helped to raise HLM’s profile across UK and overseas and provide support as it diversifies.

The strategy and campaign have evolved during the course of our partnership, alongside HLM’s business. Holistic has remained one of its closest advisors, developing the corporate communications strategy to achieve the aspirations of the HLM team and deliver the right messages to the right audiences.

We’ve founded our relationship on a commitment to get to the very core of HLM.

We dedicate time to company-wide engagement to understand the people, practices and ethos; the longevity of our partnership is a result of years of knowledge building, providing strategic counsel and team integration to ensure every element of the business is supported by a robust and effective communications campaign.

We continue to secure profile raising opportunities, applying a multi-channel approach.

“For years we’ve worked together, HLM has benefited from the focused input and experienced talent of Holistic, in navigating a challenging and changing economy. Sophie and her team are the perfect partners, bringing fresh comment, experience and forthright engagement.”

Chris Liddle, Chairman, HLM