Prioritising wellbeing could save Britain £61 billion a year, so what are we waiting for?


Vitality has published the results of its annual Britain’s Healthiest Workplace study and it lists some alarming statistics, despite a growing commitment to wellbeing in the UK by commercial developers and employers.

According to the study, many businesses are still failing their employees, with three-quarters of ill-health related absence and presenteeism last year, equating to £61bn arising from factors such as depression, poor lifestyle choices, and stress.

What we need to take from here, isn’t that poor wellbeing in the workplace costs us more than being part of the EU (and we’re not taking it to the extent of Brexit), but that small differences can make a big change to employees.

Small interventions from businesses were shown to have a marked effect on employees’ health. For example, 83% of people in the study who used one-on-one coaching to support mental health and wellbeing found it had an impact and 78% of people said the same for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Life coaching is something we have done here at Holistic, along with providing employees with wellbeing time, a wellness budget and other health-related benefits, and we can account for the positive outcomes these provide.

But where do you start when dealing with larger interventions to impact wellbeing that ought to make even bigger positive impacts. The redesign of an office, for instance, which can have further, significant financial implications? Well, coming this summer is the launch of The Wellbeing Experience, at London’s Building Centre. Created to inspire the general public and commercial real estate industry, the exhibition will take visitors on an interactive journey through a workplace with wellbeing at the forefront of its design. Ranging from air quality and light to ergonomics and acoustics, each area will display the latest advances in workplace design.

The Wellbeing Experience’s founding partners include EDGE, Well FM, Helvar, Clivet, The Building Centre and Empathic Building.

Opening soon, the exhibition is well worth putting it in your diary. Especially if some larger interventions are in need in your workplace.