Making connections

MIPIM is one of the largest and most important property and real estate events of the year, anticipated to bring together 25,000+ delegates from across the globe all with a shared goal of forging new connections. This mutual desire to network at such a scale is what makes the event so special, but the time before you set foot in Cannes is equally as crucial.  

Create a plan and maximise it  

Create a comprehensive plan outlining your goals and the actions you can take to accomplish them now and during MIPIM. Leverage the event to its full potential by identifying who you want to engage with and by pinpointing relevant events to attend for growing your network or rekindling connections. Once your plan is in place, stick to it while allowing some flexibility for ad-hoc meetings and downtime. This approach saves time while you are out there and focuses your efforts – a win, win!  

Lock in meeting opportunities early  

You should now have a strong idea of who you want to meet while you’re at MIPIM and it’s now prime time to start making those connections. The delegate list is a useful place to start, as well as researching your own contacts and their networks to make more personal introductions. This is a great way to broach the subject of meeting at MIPIM, or even to organise a prospective chat before. 

Get noticed and gain valuable face time with other attendees  

Going to networking events for those heading to MIPIM is another way to make and build on new business relationships before flying out. The annual ‘Yes Oui Cannes’ event lays the foundation for potential collaborations prior to MIPIM. This year’s event will be held on Wednesday 6 March 2024 at Balls Brothers Minster Court, London. 

Avoid missing out on useful events or double booking 

MIPIM 2024 will feature a 20,000 m² exhibition space and hundreds of events, so it is well worth familiarising yourself with the map and planning what you’ll be doing in advance. This will allow you to seamlessly book in any potential meetings with new business prospects around the key events you know you will be attending.  

Create opportunities to gain more leads via socials 

Letting your connections know you will be at MIPIM is a must, but make sure to keep it up. Continue to raise awareness about the fact you will be attending MIPIM and share any news surrounding what you will be doing in the lead up to your visit. 

MIPIM is all about knowledge sharing and useful insights, so keep your audience informed. Ideas for content include exploring this year’s MIPIM 2024 theme of ‘going beyond’. How can your business or services contribute to solving challenges in real estate, while achieving user-centric and profitable outcomes? Understanding your take on sustainability, diversity, skills and more could spark a conversation now or lead to a meeting at MIPIM.  

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