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Passion, energy and enthusiasm define us. We’re a friendly bunch; welcoming, approachable, and supportive. We’re also committed to our work and the value it brings – we work hard to stay fresh, generate new ideas and be inspiring. When it comes to our skills, we are a team of specialists who play to our strengths. Together we are a force to be reckoned with. Senior, strategic, driven, expert.


Managing Director

Sophie Eastwood

Sophie is our founder and managing director, with over 20 years’ experience in strategic communications for the built environment. A PR and marketing expert, she helps develop and grow brand reputation. She is also on the board of Young Entrepreneurs in Property, a 5,500-strong network for young professionals in real estate.

+44 (0)7709 359 529

Associate Director

Nicola Hanser

Nicola oversees Holistic’s operations ensuring the business performs efficiently and effectively so its team delivers at the highest level for all its clients. She is also a client lead for Holistic’s client and market insight surveys, undertaking research, analysing results, and offering meaningful and actionable insight.

+44 (0)7738 715 680

Associate Director

Lisa Northcott

Lisa combines her creative thinking and content curation skills to deliver communication strategies for clients who want to raise their profile and drive commercial success. She is part of the leadership team at Holistic, looking after our people strategy, nurturing talent and making sure we play to our individual and team strengths.

+44 (0)7885 980 154

Associate Director

Kim Taylor

Kim is a built environment communications specialist with over 15 years' experience. Driven by results, she delivers strategic, integrated campaigns for clients that combine her knowledge of business, PR, and marketing. On our leadership team, she is our client champion, making sure satisfaction levels are high and we stay up-to-date with client priorities and needs, so we can add more value.

+44 (0)7718 158 800


Senior Consultant

Suzie Aksun

Senior Consultant

Amelia Walker

Senior Consultant

Vasu Guigan

Senior Consultant

Alexandra Shilov

Client Director

Laura Torrance

Senior Consultant

Natasha Sunderland

Senior Consultant

Maria Raimundo

Senior Consultant

Gemma Noble

Administrative Consultant

Vanessa Lancaster

What it’s like to work with us

“Holistic really lives up to its name, everyone at the business is super talented and very friendly and we all work well together. What really shines through is the team’s collaborative nature; everyone is always super keen to help out and you very quickly start thinking of your colleagues as good friends rather than just co-workers. But behind the friendliness is also a very well organised and results driven team that works together to achieve its business objectives. It’s a great environment to work and grow in.”

Vasu Guigan, Senior Consultant

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