HLM Architects

Brand profile and positioning

For over 50 years, HLM has designed places and spaces that improve people’s lives. As one of the UK’s leading architecture practices, it has won a number of awards for its architecture, landscape, and interior design work, as well as its commitment to social mobility, diversity, and inclusion. We have been HLM’s communications partner for over a decade, supporting its ambitious business plans and helping to raise its profile across the UK with a strategic corporate communications strategy built on knowledge, trust, and shared values.


A strong partnership

For over a decade we have been HLM’s communications partner of choice. From creating communications strategies that support the practice’s ambitious growth plans to raising its profile in new markets, one thing that has remained constant is our shared values. The longevity of our partnership is a result of years of knowledge-building, trust, and understanding.


A strategic approach to communications

We work closely with HLM’s marketing team across the UK to drive the communications strategy, which engages the practice’s people, projects, and values so every element of the business is covered. We create impactful campaigns that harness the practice’s projects, research, and thought leadership to sustain reputation and establish new perceptions so they remain relevant in an evolving market.


Results that deliver

We achieve hundreds of coverage hits annually, but our success is really determined by the quality, not quantity, of our results. We take an honest look at what we have achieved and adjust our strategy accordingly to make sure our content and campaigns are landing with the right people and in the right places.