Get the scoop on MIPIM with Sophie Eastwood

Delve deep into the world of MIPIM with Sophie Eastwood, Managing Director of Holistic, who shares her top tips on how to make the most of this year’s highly anticipated premier real estate event.

Sophie shares her experiences and insights gained from over 20 years of attending MIPIM, highlighting the prominence of the event and its enduring mission to drive collaboration, partnership, and positive change across the built environment. From discussing this year’s theme of ‘going beyond’ to sharing her passion for networking, Sophie provides invaluable tips for delegates gearing up for MIPIM 2024.

How long have you been attending MIPIM?

“I am an avid attendee and have been going to MIPIM for over 20 years. While the event has certainly changed a lot in that time, what remains the same is its mission to foster collaboration and make a positive difference across the built environment. ”

What are you most interested in about the programme this year?

“The goal of MIPIM has increasingly focused on highlighting the positive impact that the built environment has. This year’s theme of ‘going beyond’ is particularly interesting as it promises to inspire conversations that tackle industry-wide issues and drive positive societal change. With each MIPIM experience, I leave with fresh perspectives, ideas, and newfound knowledge, and I am positive that this year will be no exception!”

What insights are you looking forward to sharing?

“MIPIM is a great opportunity to share with other delegates, and I’m keen to use my time there to engage with others about the power of connection through communications.

“Across the built environment, Holistic connects businesses to their target audiences, fostering meaningful connections that elevate profile, shape reputation, and improve understanding of stakeholder perceptions.

“I am passionate about networking and its power to create mutually beneficial opportunities, whether that is at MIPIM, or through my work as a board director of YEP, the industry’s leading cross-industry networking group for young people in the built environment in the UK.”

Your number one tip for maximising MIPIM?

“Don’t try and do too much. Although it is tempting to pack in as much as possible, leave some gaps for chance meetings. Oh, and wear sensible shoes!”

Anything else?

“For anyone going to MIPIM this year, enjoy! It is a key event in the property and real estate networking calendar for a very good reason. You will meet more people than you ever could in the city where you work. Grasp the opportunity and embrace it. You’ll meet potential clients, forge new relationships, and no doubt cement or create new friendships along the way.”

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