Insights and expectations: Nicola’s MIPIM journey

Nicola Hanser, Associate Director at Holistic, offers a unique perspective at this year’s MIPIM. From organising our popular Go Dutch dinner to representing Holistic Insight, her journey is one that embodies collaboration and professional growth.


In our latest blog, Nicola shares her MIPIM experience and what she’s looking forward to learning at this year’s event.

How long have you been attending MIPIM?

I’ve been attending MIPIM for several years now, initially to organise our Go Dutch dinner, which we held on Monday nights to kick off the conference. It was our opportunity to bring together over 100 people from our network for a relaxed evening of dinner, drinks, and networking.

This year’s a bit different as I’ll be there as a delegate from Holistic Insight, our engagement consultancy. Since we launched a few years ago, we’ve been going from strength to strength, helping businesses in the real estate sector navigate crucial phases of growth or change. I’m excited to be more hands-on this time around!

What are you most interested in about the programme this year?

I’m really looking forward to the opening keynote by Sanna Marin, the Former Prime Minister & Head of Government of Finland. It’s incredible to see the impact she’s made at such a young age, with progressive reforms like ambitious climate laws and improvements in healthcare and education. I’m especially keen to hear her insights on the challenges facing the real estate sector. As someone deeply involved in employee feedback and engagement work, I’m also excited to explore emerging trends in the workplace and how that’s impacting employee attitudes.

What are you most looking forward to?

Personally, I’m excited about the opportunity to meet and learn more about the key issues driving businesses in our industry. Engaging with industry leaders and gaining insights that can inform our consultancy’s work is always a highlight for me when I attend MIPIM.

Your number one tip for maximising MIPIM?

My number one tip is to come prepared. Booking meetings in advance, factoring in potential overruns, and planning travel time between meetings can make a huge difference in ensuring a smooth experience at MIPIM. And of course, comfortable shoes and staying hydrated are a must!

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