Packing for MIPIM: Holistic’s 101 Guide

Packing for MIPIM isn't just about the essentials; it's about setting yourself up for success (and comfort) while navigating the main event.

Trust us when we say you’ll rely more on your packing skills than you might expect, especially when you find yourself in a pinch between meetings or events. For experienced MIPIM delegates, you’ve probably learned from past experiences (we won’t mention any forgotten chargers or misplaced business cards).

So, let our MIPIM packing guide be your guide. Double-check your bag against our list of essentials before you jet off to Cannes. It’ll save you from those last-minute high street scrambles and unexpected expenses. Plus, it leaves more time for the important stuff – like perfecting your elevator pitch or scoping out the best networking spots.

Because at MIPIM, success isn’t just about who you know and what you do; it’s also about what you packed in your suitcase.


Your schedule

By now, your schedule will be full, so don’t forget it. Having a copy saved on all your devices and accessible without needing to rely on an internet connection is a sensible move. Print it out if this works better for you, but make sure to have a few copies in case you misplace one. For the super organised, spend some time before you arrive diarising your schedule on a digital calendar, with alert reminders set so that you’ll always be covered.


Business cards

Networking is the primary goal at MIPIM, so having an ample supply is recommended. Spread your printed cards across different bags, in your check-in and holdall, for added peace of mind. You never know who you might meet and when you’ll need them. Bring a pen so you can make notes on business cards of who you met and where.


Chargers and adaptors

Having all your electronics, including mobile phone and laptop, goes without saying, but don’t forget your chargers and adaptors for them too. Having a portable battery pack with you will also be a huge help if you are networking and want the convenience of not being attached to a stationary power outlet. A small notepad and pen are also worth packing as it won’t always be convenient to use your devices so this will ensure you are covered.


Comfortable shoes

This is a packing tip we will never tire of sharing. The wrong shoes will lead to a miserable time, so please prioritise your comfort and plan to wear shoes that will keep you on your feet (and not off them!). You won’t be out of place in smart trainers, we promise.


Dressing for all weather

While we hope that the sun will shine, be ready for rain with a handy umbrella / raincoat and pack layers to keep you warm when there is a brisk coastal breeze. Sunglasses are also always in our MIPIM bag of essentials.


Shoulder bag, backpack or briefcase

Having a shoulder bag, backpack or even a briefcase with a crossbody strap is a good idea so that you can store business cards, MIPIM freebies, your phone, water bottle and other bits. The reason we recommend a shoulder or crossbody option is to free up your hands, this way you are always ready to meet and greet.


Emergency health kit

Pack a small kit of healthcare essentials such as a basic first aid kit, sunscreen, medicine and plasters. Remember to also stay hydrated and make time for rest. The days and some nights will be long, so take care of yourself.

With your bags in tow, you are now ready to maximise MIPIM!

Remember to follow Holistic and Holistic Insight for more MIPIM 2024 updates, and we look forward to seeing you there. Salut!